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"Vigil Mechanism Policy" 

TIDEL Park, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India is a leading, successful Information Technology Park (IT Park) conceived and developed for the development of IT industry in the state of Tamilnadu. The main promoters of this IT facility are Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO), the premier Industrial Development Organisation and Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu (ELCOT), another state owned organization engaged in the promotion of Electronic industries in Tamilnadu. TIDEL Park, Chennai became operational in the year 2000 and houses leading multinational IT companies.

Encouraged by the success of the TIDEL Park at Chennai, the proactive Tamilnadu Govt and the main promoters of TIDEL have now decided to set up a similar facility at Coimbatore, another big industrial city in Tamilnadu. ELCOT is establishing a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Information Technology Industries at Coimbatore and TIDEL will be setting up its facilities at this SEZ. TIDEL and ELCOT have on September 8, 2006 signed a MoU.

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