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    In order to deaerate the boiler feedwater, water is sprayed into a steam atmosphere. This heats the water to within a few degrees of the temperature of the saturated steam. Because the solubility of oxygen in water is very low under these conditions, 97 to 98% of the oxygen in the incoming water is released to the steam and is purged from the system by venting.Get Price

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    2013/6/5 · Biogas is a by-product of this anaerobic digestion which contains methane (more than 60%) giving it the flammable property enabling us to use it in the process of cooking or as an engine fuel. This project produce 4500kg of gas per annum and SriLankan have replaced a 5 kWhr boiler which will save nearly Rs. 600,000.00 per annum.Get Price

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    2017/10/3 · With little to no processing, biogas can be burned on-site to heat buildings and power boilers or even the digester itself. Biogas can be used for combined heat and power (CHP) operations, or biogas can simply be turned into electricity using a combustion engine, fuel cell, or gas turbine, with the resulting electricity being used on-site or sold onto the electric grid.Get Price

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    2021/5/30 · It is feasible to slightly modify natural gas boilers to operate with biogas. As farm biomass is a major biogas production source, the generated heat can be used for heating the digesters, farm buildings like housing units for pigs/sties, greenhouses, as well as aquafarming, cooling/refrigeration of farm products, and drying purposes.Get Price

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    2021/7/2 · For instance, it has been reported that the efficiency of pellet-fired boilers ranged between 85 and 90% compared with wood-fired boilers varying from 75 to 85% (Sandro et al., 2019). Forest biomass can also be mixed with other biomass to enhance the overall properties of the mixture for pellet production ( de Souza et al., 2020 ).Get Price